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"He picked up the half-dead man and threw him up against the wall, pinning him into it with shards of broken glass from the table. Two through the eyes, two through the wrists. One through the throat and one through the heart. Out of his own mind, Devin was terrified by what was happening to him. He heard what was clearly the demon’s voice in his head saying “run”

As I awaken,
I realize I've become something more.
A deep burning pain, compelling.
My sins empowering my soul....

Come forth, old man of the damned.
Appease your hatred and understand;
these scars on your soul; so empowering, you'll almost feel whole.

Become the nightmare of the man who laughs
at the suffering of others and those who have
been defiled in the public eye.
You'll laugh as you watch him die...

Senseless conviction, abandonment, affliction.
The years have been cruel.
Left you frail, and filled with spite.
They'll die by the hand of this blessed madman,
become fear and make it right.

I cannot remember a time
I did not wish for the world to die.
Now face your death beneath me.

Entrails spattered against the floor,
eyes stapled shut, throat nailed to the door.
You'll die when I say you can surrender to agony's sweet embrace.

Well done, there is blood on your hands.
You have only begun to prove your worth.
You've stepped through the shattered sands
to the place where you shall vow rebirth.

Prey on the families, the fearful and the weak.
Nothing can stop you when blood is all you seek.
But can you stand the sounds of their screams?

Blinded, contorted,
don't struggle, enjoy it.
The pain will be slow but the end will be quick.
To hell they were sent before their proper end,
the sounds of their screams just made me sick.

How will this end, how will I die?
Have I been granted eternal life?
My soul becomes scarred but I feel whole.

Simple to laugh when you're only the witness,
but when it becomes you begging for forgiveness...

Deafened by your screams, for silence you'll bleed.
Just what the hell have I done?

You've done well, prophet of the damned,
give your soul unto me.
Leave them all behind and watch them burn...


from Stepping Through The Shattered Fragments of Time, released August 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Worlds From Ashes Cambridge, Ontario

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