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Aokigahara (Kuroi Jukai)
“Isolated from everyone I ever thought I knew, I made my way to the forest of Aokigahara, but I wasn’t sure of what I was doing. All I knew is that’s where I needed to go, I needed to be away…”

I. Lament
Sometimes one must end his life.
Amongst these trees many have gone to die.
Silent voices ghosts weave into the air,
they speak only of violence and despair.

I’ll swim through the sea of trees and become nothing more than a memory.
I mean nothing more to my family; would it be better to disappear?

II. Descent
III. Repent
Made a memory by those, who, in my life,
filled me with hate and left me dead inside.
I’ll be exiled from this world at last.
I’ll join these souls; into my death I’m cast.

Demon’s hand reaches out to me.
In blind fear, I know not what I see.
He promises to make this life of mine seem
like nothing but a dream.

The dream fades into total darkness as I drop into my desired death.
Amongst the lost souls I’ll wait until the demon’s path for me is set.

Their faces are but a blur.
Their screams; deafening.
I try to claw my way out, to no avail.
Is this where the dead are destined to rest?

The demons call to me, we have something to show to thee.
You take this sorry life for granted and throw it all away.
But on this day, you will change your sorry ways and learn to appreciate.

So useless I am, left for dead by my family and without friends. No one even knows my god damn name.

But destined, you are, to go far in the world and leave all of them behind.
Would you like to see what you were never willing to find for yourself?
The demon touches his hand to my head.
Expecting dread, flashing images of an older me, shrouded by insanity.

So you wished for an end?
Three days, you shall spend, with these other lost souls.
Three days of endless screaming, distorted faces forever streaming away into oblivion.
Then the demons went away.
Leaving me in darkness, with only the sound of screaming.
Day the first, I knew this wouldn’t be the worst.

After what seemed an eternity, the hour was not clear to me as I could not sleep with the sound of these screams and images of the damned in my head.
If the demons did not come back to set me free, I would fear that I’ll be dead, however isn't that what I wanted?

IV. Ascent
With the pit walls contorted to a more climbable form, the demon says he will set the lost souls free. However I will be the only one alive.

Three days without sleep.
Three days, almost insane now.
I climb for miles.

As I see the blue sky. I emerge from the sea of trees, my new hell.
They think this was me.
I plead insanity.
Made to spend my days in a padded room forever more…


from Stepping Through The Shattered Fragments of Time, released August 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Worlds From Ashes Cambridge, Ontario

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